Miann & Co - Modern Cloth Nappy (Slate)
Miann & Co - Modern Cloth Nappy (Slate)
Miann & Co - Modern Cloth Nappy (Slate)
Miann & Co - Modern Cloth Nappy (Slate)

Miann & Co - Modern Cloth Nappy (Slate)

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Reusable cloth nappies have never been cuter. In four new iconic Miann & Co colours, your bub will remain comfortable and dry. These one-size fits all design are perfect for newborns to toddlers with easy snap buttons that can be adjusted as they grow. Featuring 20 width changing snaps and 6 length changing snaps, these are the perfect nappies for those looking to start or continue their eco friendly journey!

Slate is richly blue in colour, like a deep and dark ocean.

Please see our product image carousel for imagery of the inside of the nappies and inserts.



  • Synthetic, water proof nappy cover

  • 1 x Bamboo Nappy Insert (includes one larger insert and one smaller insert)

  • Nappy inserts 85% bamboo, 15% cotton 
  • Built in suede layer pocket which inserts can be tucked into. Can be used as a snap insert nappy or also as a pocket nappy.

  • Versatile absorption. 

  • Perfect for heavy and light moments

  • Easy to use exterior snaps to size your nappy and fit according to your baby. 

  • One size fits all - newborns to toddlers



  • Before initial use, soak inserts overnight in warm water

  • Wash inserts and cover with washing liquid/powder

  • Leave to dry completely, then they’re ready for use

  • After use, remove solids and rinse

  • Pre-wash nappies in 40-60 water with washing liquid/powder (a pre-wash helps to ensure nappies are as clean as possible and is a really important step)

  • Run nappies through a main wash 40-60 degree wash with washing liquid/powder

  • Air dry nappy pieces separately, or in dryer on low temperature