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The Beer Kitchen

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The Beer Kitchen is the ultimate modern guide to cooking with beer.

When a recipe calls for ‘beer’ do you have even the first clue of what you should add? When was the last time you read a recipe that really specified a beer style, or even suggested a few different brands from your supermarket shelves? It's never been done, until now!

Award-winning beer expert Melissa Cole has combined two of her greatest passions: great brews and delicious food. Sharing over 70 gorgeous recipes using beer as the star ingredient, you will discover new and exciting ways to cook with beer. Far removed from your standard 'pub-grub' blokey food, Melissa has selected recipes that will suit the modern palate, regardless of whether you drink beer! From a show-stopping Brined Bone-in Pork Loin with a Beer-Soaked Fruit Stuffing to a delicate and sharp Sour-Beer Ceviche you'll also find inventive ideas for quick beer-infused pickles and brines to the most mouthwatering sweet and savoury bakes; this is a new, more inviting and sophisticated approach to cooking with beer. 

With expert advice on beer types, flavours and brands, to beer and cheese pairing and helpful menu ideas to inspire your own beer-food party, The Beer Kitchen is the benchmark cookbook for every beer lover.